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Sabbath Intersections



The Seventh Day video series (produced by LLT Productions) focuses on the history of the Sabbath. As such, it deals with the theology of the Sabbath only where that theology fits into the larger story, without directly addressing many of the issues that are raised about the Sabbath doctrine.

In order to provide answers to some common questions about the Sabbath, and to place the Sabbath in the context of at least a few of its doctrinal connections, we have prepared a series of brief articles under the general title of Sabbath Intersections. We are happy to make this material available over the Internet.

Sabbath Intersections includes individual documents dealing with a few key subjects. We have tried to make them concise, brief, and understandable to non-scholars such as ourselves. We offer them with the hope that they will paint an exalted picture of the Sabbath and inspire confidence in this important Christian doctrine. We hope, too, that they will stimulate others to further study of the Sabbath and related topics.

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